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Too bad I saw the depressing stats on Porn Codex first, because once I dropped a glance on Dyke, I fell in love with it. No exaggeration in my books, still as honest am I. I got the fire, and Dyke is my ignition, the match to light me up! For the non-mother tongue English speakers, let's bend the language to our will so that we understand the colloquialism of the corky lang.

Dyke is a slang word for lesbian, and Dyked is a derivated verb out of a noun, so it probably means when you forcefully turn a girl gay, or lesbian if you prefer, it means that you Dyked her (converted to lesbian). At first, I thought that this word doesn't have its true origin of meanings, hence it's like a totally made-up word on the go.

It turns out that it says what it stands for, which really urges me to look forward and smile! Since I'm a bastard otherwise, I'd probably copy paste everything in the quotation segment, which is way longer on Dyked, their promise as a site to us, trusty and loyal consumers. I'll just extract the first sentence of the paragraph so that you conceive Dyked as a terrific porn site!

'Dyked.com is an exclusive ALL GIRL website dedicated to strong, powerful women showing inexperienced submissive teens what a real lesbian is...' I made sure that I don't copy paste it, instead just typing out so that I practice my blind writing in general. I like the Bee (insect) combination of colors, more like Wiz Khalifa's popular song 'Black and Yellow'.

The tone is set straight, and I like it very much, it diversifies from the rest duplicates from Team Skeet. However, it seems like all porn sites of the motherly network have one huge flaw in common, and it will be explained shortly after these messages. Stay tuned!


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Full Review of Dyked Review

Take a hike if you weren't Dyked girl, what are you doing here you filthy hetero, fly away!

Commercial break over. Initiating review... Hello, and welcome back to the review named Digression Oppression! I'm oppressing you, readers, with constant and irrelevant digressions, and I for sure am sorry on my own behalf, I sometimes cannot control my skitzo behavior which makes me under attack.

Now, not only that the lesbian girls on Dyked look beautiful, no, most importantly, they are all 100% NATURAL! One thing is seeing an artificially built gorgeous thing, and an amazing thing is seeing the same thing happen with natural selection. These girls are blessed. Anyway, Dyke truly features mature women who are fed up with dick, wanting to switch to pussy again, just like the college days, so that their own takes a break.

And what better sex objects are to be found than their doppelganger resemblances which are in college just now! It's like they'll be fucking younger versions of themselves, however with expertise training and broadly experienced gather through life. They'll show these new girls who are also seeking for something new, what is it really like to be a woman!

This is a subtle BDSM, where the teenies are being dominated by their counterparts, which use any means necessary to rip their pussies and put on the pain they felt over the years, on display. The porn is saucy, juicy, lots of dripping from the pussy, my appetite opened up and I'm not feeling like eating something cook, but anything raw would feed my needs!

Now that I got you all hotheaded, time for a cooldown. Dyked also belongs to the 30+ club, containing that many of HD videos, and then some images. Of course, since it's a lesbian thing, it will be more girls than the actual videos. The only light at the end of the tunnel currently. Another sad ending, my peeps...

Pros and Cons of Dyked


  • A perfectly thought-off lesbian concept
  • Appealing web design and layout
  • Everything is perfect aesthetically


  • Now by the laws of big numbers, this one is a tough loss
  • No incoming updates, no videos to start off with


Sad it had to end this way, but this was an inevitable path. The fatalistic destiny awaits on all porn sites, and Dyked is amongst the first on the list, unfortunately. I had a blast while I was on it, watched a couple of fantastic movies, however, there's no more yet to come...

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