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Woah! Why so assertive, young Team Skeet! You don't have to boast around and brag how you're now being honest with your video quantity! What? Does it apply to the girls seen there, girls who are EXXXTRA small? Okay, I'll obey your commandment, and I ultimately hope I won't leave with a commendment at the very end of this review, which is relatively close, already.

Only God can judge me, leave me alone, preface with your own territory cleanse, then say how a lousy guy I am! I also hope that Exxxtra Small will be the seed of good porn sites, which will spread out the whole Team Skeet plantation, enrichening their income (non-fiat money, of course, everything is looked through nature) slowly, instead of surprising us with a simple what I like to call it, playlist of porn videos!

So basically, it's about tiny chicks that fuck huge dicks, just like the motto below the logo suggests. Just like Dyked, Exxxtra Small also has a lengthy paragraph of *cough* 'promises', what we will be 'seeing' below. Fingers crossed that it has 30 videos, but will get to that later.

I closed my eyes upon entering Porn Codex so that I skip the stomach pain caused by devastating numbers statistically proven on our Swiss watch precise guiding porn site. I'll act a spoiler now, and extract for you a single piece of that paragraph.

In the future, I won't wonder if I violate copyright issues with it, but it has to be done: 'These barely legal teens go by many nicknames: Petite, Tiny, Spinners, Fun-sized, Bottle Rockets, Mini-Me, Vertically Challenged, No-Tits and many more. Whatever you want to call these pint-sized cock gloves, they are sure to rock your world...' The rest is located on the top right corner of the home page, please don't sue me, I'm too young to drop the soap in the pound!!


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Full Review of Exxxtra Small Review

Of all the site's I shuffled through, this one came second in design, and it's well-deserved!

Exxxtra Small features are way more compact and utilized, there are 4 segmental buttons 'Scenes', 'Girls', 'Top Rated', and special 'Members Login' area, which probably is a pop-up query so that you log in.

Okay, so I am on the scenes isle, and I'm not sure how they really thought they'll convince me that the clickbait thumbnails aren't photoshopped! I mean like, the first 2 displayed dicks probably 20 INCHES long, see here, INCHES, not European centimeters. Don't believe me? Just check up the site, after you check your privileges of insulting me by being an infidel you are!

Nevertheless, I momentarily knew it was rigged, but I admire the cockiness and ambitions of Exxxtra Small who's trying to trick people the good ol' method used by Youtubers. It all started as a porn, remember that! The extent of the first dick has to be around 8 to 12 cms, and that isn't human already!

As for the later videos, older dated, they seem real to me, no problems with them, only big dicks which don't look like they were done by a 12-year-old in the paint, who doesn't even know to rotate the text box there. Now, this is a proper time to use smaller thumbnails when you've got plenty of the inventory!

180+ HD videos may not sound exceedingly big, however, for Team Skeet, it's a double the pace, double the tempo and more than quintuple of the regular content amount seen so far! Thank Heavens that there are also a follow-up 180 sets, and logically, a follow-up number of models! They all got to step fresh so there are exactly 165 of models, last time I checked! Today is a good day!

Pros and Cons of Exxxtra Small


  • Teens and small girls getting their reproductive organs crushed by other, much bigger reproductive organs, what's not to like about it
  • Plus it has a decent amount of material, finally!


  • Since this is a first site that made a breakthrough, I'll go easy on them
  • However, I'm aiming high, so updates are mandatory in order for Team Skeet to gain some rep from me!


Remember December 22nd, 2017, as the span lasting 3 days of lacking existential numbers to claim something as a site, since 30+ and 50+ aren't simply enough to invest it in a category among other, more serious sites! I'm very excited to see more of Exxxtra Small, a definite must watch!

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