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A wise man once said 'Never follow a fad, because it won't go on forever, just stay yourself, authentic as you can be, because style stays eternally, while the fad duplicates fade away from the given trend'. Whatever this means, it's practical for anything in your life that you do. If you like Daughter Swap, don't compete with others that don't, others who love MILF porn and that classic stuff. Just stay yourself, and swap daughters, if it keeps you truly happy.

Well, this statement above sounds a bit odd if you put it from porn perspective, however, it's plausible that happened since the one relaying this to the crowd was Snoop Dogg, and he intended it to break out the new rappers' pattern style rap. But, porn is also lyrical and spiritual just as rap, depending on who's performing on the very scene your watching.

For example, if you're watching Mia Khalifa, it's like watching a sack of emptiness screw around like a one-hit-wonder it is. In the other hand, you've got the whole group of girls, such as Daughter Swap girls, that never go halfheartedly threading on the scene. Man, Uncle Snoop is such an inspiration to me. What a junkie, dude.

Nevertheless, Daughter Swap works on the same principle as the rest of Team Skeet. You've got the home page, that's Cringely made the layout, right on a small banner at the top of the interactive part of the page, you've got small buttons to navigate you to the subscription menu, video menu and other stuff.

Down below are rectangles of moving and stale pictures, functioning as sneak peaks into the scenes. I immediately see that the quality is good right at the beginning since the thumbnails are in good resolution. Wonder how awesome the true movie resolution is! It's Full HD, of course, and some may go beyond that!


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Full Review of Daughter Swap Review

The idealistic concept of swapping daughters must've been going on for centuries... it's immaculate!

So far so good, in terms of concept and probably models just as well, since it's tightly connected. However, we'll see who will have their last laugh. I like how chicks at Daughter Swap look so care-free and they be emitting a strange energy, undisrupted like they've got no problems in life, other than their dad fucking her BFF, and her BFF's dad fucking her! What an excellent reproductive cycle!

Why wouldn't you screw someone that you know, since it's your dearly friend, just think about it rationally, you'll make more of those friends after 9 months! Repeat that process, and you'll end up with an infinite number of people you love! Nice, I finally understood the 'have children' notion.

Anyway, we're not here to think about the ethics of the site, but to enjoy the very process. It eventually stops since they're using protection, but at least it's great till it's lasting. Confidently taken, now onto the facts. Luckily, this site cannot fit in the group of 30+, and no it's not because it has fewer videos than 30, but it has 50+ HD videos! Time to assemble a new group, then!

This is a great moment to mark the Jubilee 50, because, as matters currently are fixed in such way, we won't be getting many videos through this period of staying at Team Skeet. I won't gonna jinx it ad hoc, so I'll just stick to the script until everything settles the best way. 50+ image sets and 35+ models, man, please. Even if it were the best concept on this planet (which is for some, surely) no one would've forgiven this. Remember that, Mr. Team Skeet.

Pros and Cons of Daughter Swap


  • Immaculate conception, daughter swapping should be established by human rights law, one day becoming a mandatory cause in an individual's life
  • Great models
  • Great acting and performance ratings


  • Lemme be direct and somewhat cruel; a lousy site design, could've been better
  • Fewness of content in general
  • No visible signs of updating, it's a cataclysm!


Another potential just took a small bite of dust. Daughter Swap snuffed on everybody else, taking the medal for the biggest disappointment in terms of quantity, since the quality is so high, that it stooped so low, with the credits going to the about 50 videos located on the site. Very, very poor effort.

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