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Welcome back to your number one trusty porn guide in the world! It's been a while since I've seen your friendly, gorgeous faces guys! So, without further ado, let's hop on in the PornCodex wagon and see which ground we will circle through these days! We've finished doing those flamboyant Naughty Americas, Reality Kings, Team Skeets and the rest of the gang, and the clock has stricken finally for a thorough change.

Welcome, to Jav HD! Believe it or not, what anime is to cartoon fans, Jav HD is for the porn fans, and Y'all a bunch of weeaboos if you settle this among your liked sites. I at least admit that for am a weeaboo, especially when it comes to beautiful girls coming from the Far East, only for our pleasure. Love can thread on for thousands of miles if you set your goals straight. That's what these girls did, and they're ready to try anal on live camera!

That's a ruthless cause in the making, and you've got a be a relentless finisher to compose the whole thing right and end it with a blast! This is like defusing a bomb. In Counter-Strike, that is. A legendary game. Nevertheless, I myself found joy in Jav HD because I got fatigued with each scene of our prior porn sites, due to a constructive implementation of identical plots. I finally recuperated and I'm able to get going forth with my victories on a daily basis!

A heritage I gathered from these girls who are my arch creators, my castors. They don't disallow nor rescind my personal abilities as a writer, like the foul sites in our previous episodes, when I was prone to stick to the point and just got off big time, every time. Japanese girls are detail-oriented people, their intrinsic values are way more developed and they simply transfer it to their surroundings, which also affects me. Let us not go far.


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Full Review of AV Anal Review

Take a closer look and you'll see that the origin file of this review is named 'Anl' if you got those programmings skills to do so

Why am I telling you this? Anyway, this is a segment of the site which features, yes, you guessed it, ANAL (HARDCORE) SEX! I think it's a great thing that we started off with a fresh preface on a topic with a bang, because every single time I reviewed anal, good things happened. Hope that the row won't break and the curse doesn't lift, but let me be cursed if anal is a sin.

Grab a hold of your heart by the chest, anal is an unprecedented style of expressing your affections towards somebody your same heart beats for him/her. Too bad our viewers don't come into physical contact with our Asian soul mates, but it is what it is, tough luck only just. By the way, I like how the tab icon displays a drawn butt, I never thought you could make something hilarious like this, it's really sympathetic.

Aside from that, what I like even more is their promise which came to a complete fulfillment, and that is '100% Uncensored' since Japanese porn is well-known for it's 'explicit' content. That's like putting a hat on a hat.

No wonder they blurred out this atrocity, the anal is so brutal in here, if you listen closely you'll hear the poor girl's anuses tearing and cracking like an egg. Woah, I got off too far, let's regain our course. I'm not introduced to the resources of JAV HD as a whole, but I know that AV Anal has 210+ HD videos.

I won't say that it's good nor bad since it can go both ways, so we'll choose an unbiased approach to this matter. 200+ photo sets as a follow-up and numerous of varieties of models, which all look alike, and no, don't consider me as a racist. I respect all the women from Jav!

Pros and Cons AV Anal


  • Full-HD Japanese girls with tits and asses and irreplaceable skills and performances
  • Unattainable piece of art
  • The site's looking fancy just as well


  • Not sure but it should support better video players, it would've increased the resolution even more!


Such a great time and we have just gotten our first baby step! Who knows what lays beyond our sights, but we are soon to found out. I barely wait to see another one of Jav's fine art pieces. No one does it like they do, they collect, they fold and ship it to our warmly homes so that we get a hold of our warmly Johnson and spank him just like the girls from AV Anal did.

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