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I acknowledged Jav HD as a site that patches up holes which the whole porn industry unintentionally drilled, and I'm implying on each and every hole there is outside. AV Stockings is yet another proof because rarely you see a porn site that distributes stockings-only material, and alongside that, good material. That's why AV exists. To make our disbelief believe again, and bring back faith to this deserted branch of the industry. First off, this is a complete opposite to the Yin, since it's a Yang site.

AV 69 and Anal were all black everything, and this is the part where they broke that ritual up and made a bright leap. Ruling out some misconceptions can be vital, and this was a good move since I like scintillating things myself. The bad part is during the night when it enlightens you so much your eyes start to flare. The pattern at AV stockings is finely quilted, and it doesn't separate too much from its brotherly sites, which is also important.

It shall not perish when the others perish because this is not like one of them even if it doesn't seem like that. Reassess your opinion about AV Stockings if you have to, just don't understand it like other AV sites, because it is a bit different since it has a pinch of fetish to it, you know, the stockings and the arousal by weird things, ultimately.

The outlook of this site is one less hurdle to avoid today because I've got no remarks in terms of interface, navigation, and layout. Rule that part out and even then you'll get a nice site from the start!

Purportedly, the site features teens-only, and we'll have to see that on our own because we don't absorb information like sponges and take it for granted. Disobedience sometimes is a virtue if you use it to your advantage, especially when we're bombarded constantly with minor dishonest statements and pledges.


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Full Review of AV Stockings Review

Not all is so dark and grey, I've got a great feeling about AV Stockings, no matter what!

We aren't obliged to follow those squiggly lines, so we're part-taking it to another level. I'll innocently believe that all of these are teens, and not that I haven't checked, quite the contrary, but I don't want to end up yet again as a bit racist, after I relay a possible slur that I couldn't differ any girl by age, nor categorize them to a respectable, proper age group.

It's just like that. Jap's asses ripple no matter what age, the skin is so tight and smooth, that even a 70-year-old Japanese granny looks decades younger with her skin. It's in the nation! Youthful, prolific and vivacious!

This part of the site offers 370+ HD videos to you, of babes wearing stockings, which is a fashion detail that occurs and sometimes disappears from the scenes, just only that you can title it a 'stockings' type of porn. However, it still is hot seeing a girl reminding me of hentai characters getting fucked with stockings on.

Why is it such a powerful effect, God darn it?! I keep convincing myself that it isn't anything special and that most likely it's more odd than sexy, however, practical use converts me back to a non-believer of fetish assembly. Fetish assembles people's deepest and darkest secrets and makes them see-through, emerging the evil to the surface of our resemblances.

Japs are sacred people, especially these hot girls that force your bad habits which put you into self-jeopardy. It has just lodged in as a wedge, accrued in ourselves for an eternity. That's why we always love Asian porn. Well, at least one of many theories suggest this way.

Pros and cons of AV Stockings


  • A decent amount of videos that show hot Japanese girls getting fucked in their sexy stockings, what possibly greater than this exists?


  • Updates are inevitable if you're trying to make something out of a site, and as far as it goes, Jav HD tends to push their sites to the maximum


No doubt in the Jav developers mind, he lapsed his tempo of publishing videos on a certain line which is unreadable to us, however, I do expect long-term pleasure with AV Stockings if you ask me, I just feel that the crucial updates are right around the next corner!

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