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One step forward, a two steps back. Lookie what we've got now. Japs are wicked to the bone I tell you, they tributed the whole site for the 69 position! And they haven't even taken the concept to the end. Bravo! You cannot artificially manipulate the people with these harmless click baits, developers! I mean, ads do lie like always, but it's us to blame for our naiveness since it's common sense that 69 is unable to be the one and only representation on a site. Shame on us then, we should've known better.

However, this still is more than worth to take a look at, and even marry the game! I'm aware that we have just started doing Jav HD, but I feel like this is a key puzzle element which fills the most eye-poking gap known to the puzzle world. I just sense completeness and security when this backs me up.

Sometimes AV 69 double-crosses me and stabs me in the back with its counter-attack, and I've gotta fend myself most of the time since these false addresses give me the chills. I'm pushing the research further and got to the point where I found that this was at first a 69, site, merely due it's publicity and commercializement, it couldn't keep on doing the same thing on it's way to the top.

It really wedged as it climbed the skies of the porn industry, being one of the popular sites of this porn era in which we live in. Congrats, but not even that can be enough for the criticism made out of iron here at PornCodex. You've got to better than that to impress our cast, my Japanese friends! I see that you're worthy enough for an overlook, so I'll take a minute or two to skim through your offerings!


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Full Review of AV 69 Review

Don't know why, but 'AV' pronounced caveman-ly without any complex articulation sounds like a dog barking, if you put enough effort into it

Who said that we've got no Fast Fun Facts anymore? We aren't chasing after some valuable, unimportant facts anymore, now we're starting to do our own homework and disclose something single-handedly! Nevertheless, AV 69. It's safe to say that I'm more than honored to grasp the place of a reviewer for this site because it definitely deserved appraisal from here on out. 1500+ HD VIDEOS! Just fire straight from my heart with the poisonous bullet, how many weeks have we waited for this to happen!

An above 1000 milestone to hit. It's been way too many weeks, I can say. I let one tear out. Just beautiful. Not only that, 1100+ PICTURE SETS! That's multiplied by a constant of who knows how many pictures per set! Am I dreaming? I'd ask you to pinch me, but I reckon that I'm all alone, just me and my friends I met thanks to my skitzo behavior.

Anyway, the site's outlook seems just right, and that's how you store gigabytes and gigabytes worth of porn on one site. You make a dense spread of video thumbnails sitting next to each other, and simply don't enlarge them to directly appeal that you don't have much to offer so you've got to feature everything bigger than it actually is. Funny thing is, this reminds me of global fast food chains.

I won't snitch on them, mainly because of legal issues, later comprehending me as a property offender. That's not the case right now, we should celebrate our 1000-video milestone with a fine dine alongside with a personal vine of mine which quality surely doesn't decline over time, just like AV 69! I'm really content due to this site. Thank the external forces of leading me to this path of getting to the AV fields of play!

Pros and cons of AV 69


  • Lots and lots of videos
  • Both the quantity and quality factors are actualized and greatly executed
  • Lots of models of all scales and sizes
  • Everything is done in a professional manner


  • The site graininess is a bit transparent
  • They could focus now to fix this slight inbalance of smoothness but nothing special


Delighted with the outcome with the site, I for now crown this as the current king of Jav HD, who will be the next one to inherit the title, nobody knows. But I simply had to, the fait accompli which I had been constantly tossed back to made me do it, and I think that AV 69 deserves the calling.

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