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Nr. of Models: 29
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COME to think of it, we've already reached for the backend of Team Skeet's network! This has been a quite short rollercoaster ride. No more luna parks for me, that's for sure. Anyways, I'm feeling very guilty now, since I rated and graded the video material so rigorously, but all of their site's don't go above a certain, imaginary margin that I personally haven't focused on and that's why it's imaginary.

If I knew this from the beginning, I'd be a bit more laid back about it, and aim at more higher ratings that are following their median, not the market median from the whole porn industry!

I'll make it up unevenly now when it's too late, JUST BECAUSE I AM ABLE TO DO SO, watch me whip it! Now we're talking about, loads of models I checked that are listed sound extremely familiar, of course, subtract those that are by default famous, like Jayden Cole, she first crossed my mind of all.

I like how the site is patented, girls brief underneath the slideshow that features the best girls with short bio description of theirs, Team Skeet writing style, not some foolish Wikipedia copy paste.

The industry reached evanescence in terms of site's that provide you with valuable information about something which the common mind finds intriguing, and this is one giant of a thumbs up for Self Desire, that's strike two, strike three and it gets crowned as the best site of Team Skeet.

Okay, I'm a bit exaggerating with this, don't get me wrong, but really a good interpretation of the Team leads to forming a harmonized porn site! Only if they used a more contemporary font, restyling versions of the Microsoft Sans Serif, then I'd be as happy as a sunflower in July!


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Full Review of Self Desire Review

Take a leaf from my book, I gain positive feedback from each site, however, I need to criticize every miss-out!

For an example: 30+ HD videos, grand total. Of course, JUST AS MANY image sets, and for quick math's sake, that also means 30+ photo galleries, which makes the equivalence identity true! Everything's settled then, except for this site, obviously. Exactly 29 models are listed on the site and don't worry we counted each of them, using fingers, and since we hadn't had enough we invited a couple of guests to use theirs to keep precise count. This is basically a classic instance of a how does a site worth a $1 subscription look like, 2-day contract.

The scheme is immaculate for as long as it's not more than a buck, everything greater than that is an ailment. Nevertheless, Self Desire snuffs the throne of the best bargain of Team Skeet, rather than my empty words of crowning it as the best of the best, however, even this title isn't for disposal. Don't try to raid the $1 subscription now, if you're prone to making cheap mistakes, you think in the further future then.

Making a fad of Self Desire will only lead to its doom, and mine as well once my pep talk I prepared for you to suggest buying the sub richochets back at my face! You need to look through the colorful prism, see it from all perspectives, and most importantly don't blame me if you lost your buck for 30+ videos!

You bought my idea, therefore champion it all the way to the end and make it worthwhile! In my opinion, these gals here have the energy and strength and talent to run rings around the dick for days! Whoever survives my edgy suggestions, I require an honest confession afterward, next year, 2018 baby!

Pros and Cons of Self Desire


  • Famous girls from all around the industry are concentrated on Self Desire, I pretty much recognized every single girl
  • Refined quality of videos
  • Very intuitive navigation through the site


  • Extremely low number of video material
  • The picture material is pretty low too
  • Spider webs are weaved, that is how long it passed since the last update


I won't end this year, this review, the last one of Team Skeet in foul words coming against it. It's a solid porn site with just a small number content-wise, it's fixable, were the employees from Team Skeet a bit more shrewd, Self Desire would've reached greater public range!

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