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I'm starting to get the picture, Team Skeet! You are all in love with teen pussy, each guy from your development team! Maybe some girls, not sure if you hire women in your maintenance organization, sexists! Rub A Teen features girls whose mouths haven't been closed since their first birth cry climbing from their mom's vagina! The only difference between then and now is that then they gasped for air in order to survive their first seconds into this world, and today, it's quite the opposite!

They're mate calling the dick to enter their oral examination, releasing them from any airy need. The semen unleashing also has signs of life in it and them younger girls have that inner intuition of a future mother and they just know what's good! Lots of splashing, cock-sucking, dick-riding, and everything related to dick can be seen here exclusively, and the teens seem to me as unfamiliar faces which is a good cause.

'Cause new faces are always welcome, this porn business would turn rather tedious were it a bit different, with the same old teen girlies that accomplished high adroit, slowly losing the true essence of clumsy girls that just got into teen sex and they're totally diverted! Not a single name have I identified from the PornCodex list of porn stars, however they all sound melodic and contagious, like I heard of them in some kind of a song or lyric.

Strange occurrences everywhere! Anyway, the site and stars are aligned, and I'm not talking about the starts from outer galaxies, instead of these girls that are walking on our beloved Earth! Ahem, web design at its peak, originality gaining a great incline, for now, let's check it out in-depth in the full review for more info, shall we?


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Full Review of Rub A Teen Review

Teen obsession is becoming a serious disease that seeks mental supervision by an expert!

Too bad that there isn't a launch date of Rub A Teen, so I could visually compare the difference between coeval sites of his to judge both sides by the video quality. Currently, Rub A Teen firmly stands on top spots with it, the pictures are so clear that each time I look away from my laptop screen, it's like real life is in 8-bit!

A great advantage of modern cameras creates a disadvantage to the real world, no competition. So, speaking of quality, let's get back from this levitating pedestal and feel human again. 100+ HD videos, beating around the bush a couple of more, meaning that you don't expect that the + sign offers unlimitedly more than the given 100.

101 is also 100+ since it's the next integer after a 100. Just as many photo sets are also to be found here, and strangely, the model number is halved. Why did they hack it like that? I mean, I scrolled through the majority of videos and I don't see any faces repeating over again. Maybe I exceeded the extent of the site and drawn my horizon over other sites that are promoted at the bottom of the page. Most likely it is.

Oh yeah, for those who can't read between the lines, since we're talking about drawing a line,  I remember to tell you that you shouldn't forget that this site is based on massages, oils and lubes, so get ready for extreme teenie rubdowns on erogenous areas generally, more often than not.

Truth be told, I never seen so pristine pussies ever, even though I'm not a valuable commentator on that one, but I know when the floor titles sparkle and that reminds me of this cleanliness! Well, that's before the guy's cum in or outside of them.

Pros and Cons of Rub a Teen


  • High-quality material both videos and pictures
  • Unlimited access to the videos which are available in multiple resolutions
  • The warm colors are calming and the design is a masterpiece


  • Lackluster of updates
  • More material in general
  • You'll promptly make it through the 100 before you even know it
  • The movies aren't as long as I expected


There's no mistake with teen porn sites on TEEN Skeet's domain. Haha, I'll call them like this everytime I stumble upon a similar matter of category. Rub A Teen isn't a broad place you'll retain your attention and visiting hours, but it's well worth a try. Above the average certainly, and that's what is important by today's standards!

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