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Is it just me, or did the Japanese just started talking my language? POV Japanese Porn? You've gotta be kidding me, am I dreaming? Punch me in the stomach and call me a loser, but I'm not even relying on my own sight anymore. I've got a target insight, not sure if I'm drunk of all the nitrogen I converted into my respiratory system, therefore to my brain from the thin air, but I for sure am getting delusional.

So I bashed myself kindly and gently in the face and nope, POV AV is still there. My dreams have (particularly) come true! I heckled myself a bunch of times and it still is my favorite. You gotta check this site out!

It's like having an anime chick come to life, but not literally, she only got human lines and figures, forming into a real girl, that basically isn't real to you but she is, and thing do get elaborate and increasingly complex as further, we try to cope with the reality that I can only imagine having a Japanese girl, and this site is the closest it gets to reality!

Not sure if you read my last review, but I swore on that Jav HD will substantially enter the bigger league than the top 5 it's currently ranked in. Well, it moved up to number 4, grabbing the 3 points this Sunday in the porn's premier league.

I've got to reinvent my series of the top list because Jav HD has a great impact on it, and the competition got a lot thicker than usual! Almost as thick as some of the girlfriends from POV AV! Man, how could you not love this type of film!

I generally adore POV, and porn is yet another branch of filmography in which the POV perspective is, don't think through this as a broad statement, but, it's the most effective use is held by the porn industry! It's basically the main concept of VR!


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Full Review of POV AV Review

Strong-arm Jav HD just made another huge hit and I could've met this site a lot sooner than 2018!

Life is a lot better since I started tumbling my stick to Japanese porn. Blatantly, it's a stroll through the park when compared to the other networks I had my toughest times with. POV AV itself is like the perfect girl you met after a break-up with your current ex, except she's got reciprocal love to you, unlike that previous lying, infidel bitch.

Don't be cribbed down by other porn networks, retain your freedom like that and choose your partner(ship) wisely. It's now eclipsing the whole set we reviewed so far, and let's see the lively facts that do overshadow it.

POV AV came in second aside to the worst site of Jav HD network in terms of video quantity, and it has 300+ HD videos, which is literally the most far some porn networks could've struck the highest. They'd be dreaming to have thousands of videos on multiple sites like Jav HD, and Jav can be given the right to boast around of as long as it can!

250+ picture sets and 200+ models that you've got to meet almost like in person, how close up the camera went, so intimate and special. Just now have I seen how cute Japanese girls actually are, and I'm looking forward to rewatching a couple of videos that I saw from the very beginning to the credits rolling. IT IS THAT INTERESTING, I SWEAR! And no, I'm not lonely and I'm definitely not looking for a girlfriend figure in utterly fictional porn characters. Thank you.

Pros and Cons of POV AV


  • The most beautiful and cutest porn stars of Jav HD are to be found here
  • Following up a solid quantity of video material and high-definition videos!


  • Were POV AV to introduce VR, there wouldn't be a hurdle they couldn't jump over!


As tender and gentle these girls do look, they're not that naive when it comes to having hardcore sex! They're sex machines when they have the required mindset, so don't scratch your head when the darkest hours arrive and you see yourself not keeping up with their pace!

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