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My apologies for the previous machine dismantling, I had to spare some time and introduce you to the Jav HD affiliate program, you gotta get going some parts of your life, and I'll be your incentive, the igniter! As previously you thought my move was, somebody surely did find himself there and to tell you the truth, I'd do the same if I weren't a cheapskate that I am and actually buy a membership so that I'm eligible to compete in that rat race.

Nevertheless, Lingerie is our next errand and let's stick to Lingerie fetish, the accepted social constructed regarding fetishes. Rarely it happens to see a guy, or a woman, or even an alien, that's totally indifferent to lingerie.

That's the worst-case scenario. Hate it or love it, you have to have a sense of something towards it so that God considers you as a being. Either way, you put it, the main cause of everything is the almighty. Told you I'm slowly turning into a cult...  But a better question for me to relay to you guys is: Do you've got time to talk about our l... just kidding, don't involve anything to Japanese porn.

I'm still wondering how on Earth I'm still liberated and frisked from any charges, I thought that by now I'd be having 3 FBI SUVs at my house for dinner. It's all because I'm a sinner. Anyway, Jav HD took their lingerie rituals quite seriously, as I haven't even seen some of the accessories in my entire life!

Not that I'm a womanizer or something, but I admit that I've watched gigabytes of porn, that it's simply improbable that I haven't stumbled to this golden jackpot so far. We will take further action now because it's getting boiling right now!


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Full Review of Lingerie AV Review

Lingerie is, in fact, the most appreciated and most accepted act a female partner can use as a gesture to her partner

Shout out to the fact that to this review, Jav HD hasn't distributed anything bogus and faulty, which I could curse myself to in hindsight. They're correct and honest, and anything more than that is pure luxury.

These are basically the two things a site can set as a mandatory, even if it means decrying yourself for having a low number of videos, which is not the case! So Java HD is given the full credibility since we're the retailers of that cause. We entitled ourselves to that, there's no stopping us! We've ushered an institution of PornCodex!

Outranking the other porn review sites, bit by bit, we're topping up the throne as you know it! Nevertheless, we'll keep humility and humble to our names, and act like underfoot figures. Lingerie AV consist of 960+ HD porn sites and that's more than we could've asked for, having in mind that it's tough to keep your lingerie collection diversified for scenes yet to come.

And Jav HD doesn't like to repeat itself as I get to know their mentality! So 960 videos, plus as many sets, now that's pretty impressive. They took everything their hands could've braced from the porn pantry, finished their assignments off in time without material delay, and they clobbered this joint down for a short period, all you can ask from a porn site.

By far, Jav HD is moving into residue in my top 5 porn sites of all time! By the end of the schedule, full completion of the Jav HD reviews, don't wonder when I write my last article about the entire PornCodex, tributing it to Jav HD solely! I'm sending you off with a warning!

Pros and Cons of Lingerie AV


  • Succulent Japanese girlies with impeccable fashion pieces you just want to wear and tear only to get the ultimate prize - Asian pussy!


  • Some videos are outdated
  • They're steadily coming into the period when they should think about releasing a few updates on the site, would recommend that!


Generally, you always get more than you asked for from Jav HD, so let's keep it that way. Until we met with their rules, it was a complete opposite with the rest of the porn networks (hats off for the exceptions).

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