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Before any unnecessary speculations, first thing's first, we've got a specialty up for the grabs. Jav Bucks ain't your regular/casual porn site we're you unbutton your shirt, unbuckle your belt and put your pants down, ready for a joy ride to the Wankster town! Well, to put it in a similar perspective, Jav Bucks is brought to being for you to be a bankster!

This is their affiliate program which seems iversible to me. You've got the whole elaboration on how does it function, so not a thing will remain vague to your doings. If you're a beginner to the whole pyramid system on which basically 60% of the internet threads on, I'll explain it laicly.

So basically, if you're a rightful owner of a membership, have a registered account at Jav HD network, to preface, it isn't impossible that you're already been a part of someone's referral. Wait, wait, wait, don't get too aggressive just yet, he doesn't expand his earnings on your foolish persona... that much. Good thing is that you're able to do so equivalently. So, not sure of which exact program they support, but to link your friend a referral link is easy as whistling Dixie!

All you need to do is copy a link which they'll generate singularly for you, send it to someone, and that certain someone registers his own account using your referral link and you'll get a percentage of his membership fee, depending on the period he bought. Don't take my words for granted, I'm no Jesus of porn, go check it on their sites everything is explained in details, and in the meantime, I'll get it closer to you in the full review below.

Full Review of Jav Bucks Review

Watching porn and making a dollar out of it? Sounds deceiving, doesn't it?!

However, it's utmost the truth. It may seem doubtful when you look up the rough translation from Japanese to English on the porn site, but their diligence is more than transparent, as it is more than enough for our likings and preferences to change for it. I'll refrain to biased preach, and I'll stick it to the lessons and actually teach.

If you're a slow learner, worry not, because the referral program is accessible in multiple languages, so if you find yours, it'll be a lot easier for you to grasp the meaning and essence. Ok, so all of these things don't matter much to you.

The payouts are crucial, it's about making profits while hanging out on the internet! Like normies would say - surfing or browsing the webs! So, per one user, you're able to earn up to 65% of his rebills as long as his account is live. You'll keep earning and earning as long as more money gets into the game of course.

Just like I said earlier, for instance, if he buys an annual membership, you're able to earn about 30-60 dollars all thanks to his or her transaction. Now, multiply that by the number of users you managed to addict to Jav HD, who knows how many digits would the number consist of!

The minimum limit of withdrawal is $100, however, they did point out that you're able to negotiate on how much you can take from your balance. There are multiple payment methods, and it's up to you to pick one out as the easiest and best way for your access. Be a broad-minded individual, consider this as a gift for your years of loyalty to the porn business! Get yourself going!

Pros and Cons of Jav Bucks


  • Making money on the internet, what's a better income than that? all you need to do is get your friends hooked on Jav HD and all of you can collectively hang out and jack off to your account balance!


  • Not sure exactly how much legitimately easy this is, but as I said don't take things for granted, check it out for yourself, see the mechanics, and if you dig it, you dig it!


Jav HD is a trustworthy site which I would rely my money on, sincerely. Better the Japanese to keep my money than waste it on some hoes from Naughty America! Not that the option number 2 isn't tempting, but, set your priorities straight! Since this isn't actually a porn site, I'll skip the rating bit and give it a brief 10/10!

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