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I'm more and more convinced that the 'Hey' titled porn sites are just mistakenly translated sites from Japanese to English, as for the original, mother tongue name must sound a lot better in the sense of nation. Ad infinitum times better. To tell you the truth, these outdoor sites outstanding have a lot more quality scenario-wise and as regards to video quality just as well.

I told you that their light effects are terrible, and now, that they've moved to the tender sun rays that fondle the camera lens with its blessed light, everything looks a lot better and more realistic. The artificial lights are bad for your eyes, as a sequential bad thing to add. This way, you're able to exhibit nudity on public bitches!

Did I say bitches, I meant beaches! Beaches are like, deserted, but not until a lustful girlie shows up with her see-through fishnet ready to expose it all for the people of Jav HD! The calming effect of water in ponds, puddles, and the whole ocean is a plead of theirs since I'm only seeing videos that have a water in the background.

Maybe it's a subliminal message or something, anyway, we're too naive to read it through. So we'll manage to go on with the natural flow and bask in the pulchritude of an Asian posing on a sandy beach with the cold waters of whichever sea borders the land of the rising sun. A complete perfection of a picture, picture that!

I especially loved the scene located in the beautiful outdoors, where a convenient bed is randomly placed. Yes, a bed amongst the thick forests of Japan, a possible gift by the chivalrous Jav crew, so that their precious girls avoid getting covered by mud or prevent them from falling in quicksand.


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Full Review of Hey Outdoor Review

Jav HD keeps exciting me day-to-day, back-to-back W's! Unfortunately, this is the first site with a plausible twist

The thing is, they've hit rock bottom quite hard. And, obviously, it's a matter of quantity. They got to it somehow, stooping on the lowest levels, aiming as high as thousands of videos, to a miserable horizontal of about 70 videos.

I mean, are they ashamed or embarrassed to go outside and film educational content on human anatomy? Is it a crime to educate the people about the female vagina getting smashed by a rivalry penis of a man? This makes no sense, I'm might as well shattered to pieces! But okay, I'll blame it on the difficulties with taking the camera outside, as well as the complete production crew so to film a half-hour long movie.

Some say it's art, but it seems that to some it's hard. Either way, we're burning out our flesh by thinking through this, instead of backing off and be happy with the things we've already got. The videos really are interesting and diversify our portfolio of various categories we invest our time in. The opportunity cost is tremendous if we halt here, so let's not get paranoid with the choppiness!

Get saturated by a bucket of water, refresh yourself and reboot the system, and move on. Jav HD made a huge kick start and that's why Hey Outdoor hurts now, but every living thing on this planet is keen on making mistakes and having outtakes, so make room for us to chill out on this and forgive Jav for this inconvenience. They're very noble, I trust the Japs, no matter what! They will strike back and turn our frowns upside downs!

Pros and Cons


  • A unique way of approach to these videos, it's true that they are scarce, but each one is very valuable and can be rewatched easily, due to its abnormal complexity compared to others


  • The scarce part is the bad part, and I hope to see one day that the officials assert us and get our clique back on after they announce new updates, maybe this summer!


We're back on track with our same old same old problems consisting in the quantity, and hopefully one day this will all be like in a dream when we ultimately reach to the immaculate porn land and remain happy and pleased for the rest of our lives!

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