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Hello there! You're just back for another seminar of how to be the greatest porn viewer of all time, the G.P.V.O.A.T. I'm contemplating hard enough about establishing a cult, being the quartermaster, a leader, visionary of this small cluster we call PornCodex, since we've already got a lot of fixative appointments, so why not make it official, heart-to-heart, penis-to-mouth. What?

Anyways, privates, soldiers, warriors of mine, thread on forth with a march in January, we're no procrastinators and arch enemies. Rhyming is my city, as the lyrics in a song goes, even though I'm senseless about what's coming as an output on my computer screen.

My hands are completely separatist-oriented, and I have little or no control over them what they write, I'm just gazing upon this beautiful text which I primarily write in MS Paint, then copy paste it on Notepad, because my reviewers are THAT shitty, amirite?

Hm, when I take a look back at the beginning, I made an atypical entrance for a change! Desperate times call for desperate measures because reviewing all of these weirdo Japanese miscellaneous is analogic to placing a thick bullet from a sawed-off shotgun into my nostrils, double trouble at the same time. Analogic, haha.

I should've used that in the first review for Anal AV. Hairy AV just isn't my thang, but I appreciate those who came through to see my personal, obfuscated opinion about the site, even though I'm indifferent as a mofo.

Screwing your bushy girlfriend or wife is one thing, and actually watching bushy Japanese girls later at hindsight, searching for them on the internets in order to watch a full-clip, now that's plain luny if you ask me! Maybe it's the main point for it to be disgusting and gross, but believe me, I honestly have seen worse at Mike Adriano's, a long lost character from our past.

We've built a stable relationship with him. Well, unfortunately, it wasn't a reflexive relative, but we for sure have loved his work. Pour some of that whiskey for his sake, but make sure to NOT leave a stain on the carpet, please. At least alcohol is a cleansing product, rather than SEMEN STAINS, mister!


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Full Review of Hairy AV Review

I saw lots of creampies here, which may be reasonable since it's a site about pussy

Oh yeah, I forgot about the full-gay porn sites. Male versus male, not the lesbians, they emancipated from the term and notion of gay, standing for themselves proudly and willingly to make America great again.

Okay, let's maintain this topic, it's the safest haven of all, these prior instances are prone to get darker than the usual. RETREAT! But it is vital for you to have multiple points of access, mental-wise. You gotta wake the fuck up! I'm not that persuasive but I'm doing my best to teach you the principles of browsing the incomparable twisted and titled ways of the internet.

I mean, we are putting on featured display a site about Japanese pubic hair Gosh damn it! Like we didn't see it until now, the fewness of male cast express their manhood repeatedly from scene to scene, by not shaving their disgusting groins for once! Now, the bushy epidemic spread on the females, and that centerpiece really isn't that desirable on a beautiful pink pussy of a cute Jap girl.

The groinal area extent should be shaved and empty, only a symmetry of two hoods and a hole, axis pulled right across the middle of the pussy, and it's an only appealing axis that is not prohibited to be transparently there.

I just can't seem to reason out how they made 930+ HD videos of this weirdness, hats off for that pulled stunt. Not only that, 920+ photo sets and over 600 non-reluctant, totally determined models behind it! Japanese people really are odd and brave!

Pros and Cons of Hairy AV


  • If you aren't an infidel as I am and do worship the ideology of hairy pussies, this is your new home, Hairy AV!
  • Video material, the concept, the girls, no issues about any of these 3 crucial factors!


  • This keeps on backfiring, the seemingly grainy video resolution. maybe it's my computer but it can get annoying at times


The site's neatly done by the visible outlook, the scenes have been put off to serious work, there's just no severe nor elaborate remark of me to impose, so stay safe and wear protection with these loose girls!

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