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The mere last bits of 2017 will be remembered by the revoked song, but still subtly loved by a seemingly new artist named by a small pump. Since I'm not paid to advertise some brand names, especially those with an already made legacy, I won't title the song here and I'm just gonna say that it's similar to the topic here.

The 'Gang' part for sure, and what goes on behind the closed doors of that rapper, don't want to think that offshore, so I'm sticking to what's in my range. Here at Gang AV, girls are fucked from every possible angle, tangled up in their private places with Jap dicks flying across their fragile bodies.

However, the hefty girls won't give in easily, they conduct more power than they actually show that's for sure! The scarcity of dicks is the problem for here since there probably is no high competency among Japanese porn industry. Well, maybe in recent times the growth of that branch is marked since hentai and Japanese related sexual references are uptrending more than ever!

Maybe that's why there's a lot of videos contained on this porn network, they had it coming so they prepared for the apocalypse, raided by flesh-jerking zombies who just want to find their favorite girlie and ram his cock by his O-shaped fingers. Not sure if the options or some external source of this, but do the characters and protagonists within each scene seem a bit dim to you?

I mean, this is the yellow race, as we globally love to label them, but still, their balls are as dark as coal! And the girls can sometimes be seen more shaded than expected. As you see, I'm trying to avoid the usage of a certain word that's apprehended as a berating, and I don't want to cause any frowns upon my internet social figure. I truly am your daily, discrete hero!


How many guys do you consider as gang? Seems like Gang Av doesn't take too long to count!

But really, some scenes feature threesomes, and in what porn checkbook is that privilege checked and asserted to graciously become a gangbang? Too low number if you ask me, but since no one asked, my opinion is totally irrelevant and equivalent to the 'G' letter logo on the tab which you probably haven't noticed.

My point exactly. Nevertheless, at least that's the only lackluster because Gang AV beholds 620+ HD videos with 600+ photo sets with fuckalicious pictures of cute squinted-eye girls! Eye-watering good! Provisions are fulfilled as a matter of fact for this site, everything is in place, not too shabby, flashy, nor too poor and time-fading.

Like I said before, the camera seems to be the only issue here, and it seems like they have fewer lights than the boasted film productions across the continent, which are full of themselves, but still empty inside if you know what I mean.

So, the film equipment is a minus, but luckily I don't rate the quality since it's 2018 now, and the resolution standard has sharpened like a longsword, it's totally absurd to keep rating and grading something high up when it's more than expected for it to be so.

And, in order to correct my laic reasoning, I'm going to lower some of the 3 crucial aspect ratings as a penalize measurement so that it gets rightfully deemed. In concern for everything else, really, uncensored Japanese porn, what possible there is more to a man than having his favorite porn remove the annoying blur! True story, I tell ya.

Pros and Cons of Gang AV


  • Amazing models,
  • Solid video material numbers,
  • Somewise achieved concept conducted,
  • Overall a great job by the Gang AV makers


  • Dimmer lights in the background
  • Sometimes the main actors get carbonated like they've been in the oven cooking for 15 minutes on 300 degrees


Add and subtract everything up, and you'll get more than a decent porn site in return, worth the dollar which you pay for it, most definitely. And, at the end of the day, that's what matters the most to our simplistic porn fan lives. On to the next topic, this one's done as a deal.


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