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Sounds very dirty, doesn't it? I can't tell precisely since there's no Google Translate sign on me, neither I'm a paid language interpreter. What are the odds that 'funky' in 'Shiofuky' is basically the same as the most used profanity we all use in our everyMINUTE life 'Fuck'! Origins of the English language and Japanese are completely different, so we're gonna go with the odds are against the option.

However, does that even matter? Did you see what's going on on Shiofuky?! Girls splashing vast amounts of liquid of a strange substance from their fannies! Some call it squirt, but maybe this is a kind of a sign language to the Japanese. Heaving flock of thumbnails of girls railing their pussies until they drip every single liquid out of their bodies, later becoming dehydrated and eventually superbly drying and dying out.

If you ever wondered what happened to your favorite porn icon on the internet, don't get my words of approval out of your sight. Anyways, this seems to me like a secretly put dominatrix, BDSM fetish in so that it doesn't poke your eyes out when seen, but one of the videos I watched featured a girl with some perverted thingamajig attached to her head, which holds a plastic ball that is supposed to go into her mouth.

Don't ask me why I know these things, oh, another day at the office for me. Without these boons I distribute to you, you'd be pointless in your porn life. Another thing I noted is that the girls look a bit disturbed in most of the videos.

I mean, who wouldn't be, you're leaking water down your pee hole like someone puncture through your bladder! That's it, I'm done with pointing at the culprits, it's time to praise this for a little while until we wrap this up, Jav HD is almost ending!


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Full Review of Shiofuky Review

Don't get your high horses and take a hike! Jav is not going anywhere, it's just that WE grasped for the finish line, unfortunately

And to end it all, we chose Shiofuky as a fond adieu not because it's a weird-ass site distinguishing oneself through a demonic ritual of leaking information, with all due respect with the bad joke Mr. Julian Assange, it won't happen again in such short notice. Namely, Shiofuky literally is namely selected as the last.

Not my fault the English alphabet goes ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, and as you can see the letter 'S' is positioned latterly. The prelude is taking too long and I'll continue on to the focal points, which are the anticipated (usually) 3 numbers regarding the site quantity-wise.

Setting-off; 330+ HD videos along with 330+ photo galleries which play their position by pandering our naive eyes that deceive us into thinking that there is more content than we actually know. 110+ porn models have the unique ability to squirt water in a line just like a water gun, as sharp and accurate it can get!

I wonder if it could wipe graffiti off the walls, so that the people like me, who live in urban neighborhoods where graffiti is an everyday thing, can finally see a Japanese girl as a water dispenser instead of a heartless machine dragged on the streets all robust and exceedingly huge.

Man, I should consider preserving my rights as an author of these lucrative ideas. I'm exposing myself too much. Not to say, that I'm LEAKING STUFF OUT OF ME! I crossed a certain line, and with these terrible statements, we are completely finished with wrapping things up, placing a scarf on top so that the newcomers won't know what are they getting to squirt. Have a wonderful day!

Pros and Cons of Shiofuky


  • Bring this onto yourself if you're tilted thoughts magnetize weird stuff like this, sit back and enjoy yourself by watching one of the most drench porn sites out there!


  • Having in mind that it's tough for the girls to juice themselves out, it's a bit ungrateful to relay that Shiofuky can do better with the models and video material


So, this is a general conclusion whether you should purchase a subscription with the Jav HD label on. Personally, I'd get it myself, weren't I a cheap son of a gun that will retain watching 144p videos on pay free porn sites, rather than coughing up a symbolic amount so that I finally watch quality stuff around here. Placing it into a perspective which includes other reviewed networks, Jav HD is a definite must-have. Doubtless.

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