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Holy sweet apostle Luke! This is the origin of all the stock porn photos circling through dark social webs, most common advertisements on free porn sites, and possibly there's more of that came from! Remember the girl that gets fucked so hard that her eyes roll up to her brain! She's here! Now, reminiscent sister-like female like her is also here, that's getting dicked from the rear, doggy-style, with a face like that dead smiley laughing, XD.

Wow, did I just emoji on an ASCII keyboard, unbelievable. Wow, I'm so happy to finally see the responsible cause of certain life occurrences! And now I can finally avert it all from happening, once and for all, as I block the whole Team Skeet network from my accessing my IP address and my brain cords. Sons of bitches. This is like I'm meeting my nemesis for the first, albeit the last time.

Anyway, you dare to convince me that these girls from Petite Teens turned 18 at a recent time? Team Skeet, please. I'm calling the feds on you for illegally placing some living pseudonyms whose origins are questionable. Press charges against them for fraud, not for exposing minors.

Okay, I pushed the joke too far, time for the pullback transition. But really, no holds barred, the girls look like they just got gifted their first iPhone for their sweet 16! 'Mom, I wanted a black iPhone, not a white one you bitch!' Of course, you wanted the black one you little brat... Oh, you're still here, my apologies.

Not sure of options whether to watch MTV or Team Skeet's Petite Teens 18, add everything and subtract the deficiency and you'll get basically the same show programme. Except that Petite Teens does it explicitly, and yes, they don't become moms by 18 since they USE PROTECTION!


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Full Review of Petite Teens 18 Review

Team Skeet always keeps their due diligence settled, for the price of one subscription, you get much much more in return!

The whole contour of the site is in my personal likings, don't know about you. It's a bit selfish of me but this is extravagant! I like how 70% of the girls have their hair done in a girly manner so that they give us their visible intent of seeing girls that appear younger than they are. Lowering your eyes to a subtle level, and then you start seeing things you haven't before. The whole world is different now!

It has to be the teddy bear in the logo, between the 'Petite' and 'Teens'! Just why? Like the site's name wasn't pretty clear enough. Nevertheless, it says on PornCodex that it consists of 28+ HD videos, however, when I, the official scout and their official, went to field work, I saw that there are 120 pages of videos, where the first one has 30 pieces alone!

Who to believe now? Well, not quite sure, but I'd rather say that Petite Teens 18 has more than it's listed, which respectively pulls the model number as well, which is labeled N/A. For the first time in my life, I'm going to listen to a porn network instead of my own domain, but don't think that's ever happening again.

Must've been an unnoticed sally, will tend to solve that. Anyway, consider the case of this fulfilling both the quantity and quality needs of a porn site, and a subscription-worthy rating, which isn't shown here, but definitely, it exists. I'll keep my composure no matter what, I won't praise this to the heavens even if it's the best site on this planet we're treading on until we find dry evidence. 'Till then!

Pros and Cons of Petite Teens 18


  • Loads of teens, movies, videos, pictures, gifs, thumbnails,
  • 'Barely legal' feeling, it started being suspicious how good it is


  • Currently, there's nothing bad to say about this one, stay tuned, I'll do further research, so feel free to hit me up on for updated announcements!


Petite Teens 18 has to be the current crown holder of all site's I've visited so far in the Team Skeet's area. It's got lots of full-length videos, ranging from as late as the 2009's I think, however, the picture quality tells a different story like it's all been filmed yesterday with a big ass chopper of a camera! I witnessed revelation and we're not even aware of it!

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