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Lust HD must be the big bro of Passion HD, although I'm not sure of Passion HD's true origins, however, I always stumbled through a bunch of their videos back when I visited pay-free porn sites which I won't be naming since I'm no snitch, but neither I am advocating those sites, and neither do I repeal Net Neutrality.

I'm neutral as a neutrino, so call me Switzerland. Release me from this senseless throbbing I produce with my mouth, shrug your shoulders to show me how I'm unsympathetic, full of taint which I won't contract for two lives. Lust HD will spike once more until it slowly trickles down, it's just as a fraud like the previous two disappointments I reviewed, but don't let my dribblet fool you, this is a quality site, but, underline this in the code programmers, it's not a quantity site.

Thank you, however, I managed to do it on my own, so disengage of my Swiss name, call me Billy Gate. Restless you remain about the Lust HD, it fills you with unfulfilled lust, leaving you turned on like a cheap Edison lightbulb in the bathroom which you don't ever turn off because of ghosts and stuff when you're wandering into the night on a leisure day. Then you say that I'm not your best friend on the internet... I live with you, like it or not.

In terms of looks, this site looks amazing just the way it is, the thumbnails are presented in top quality, darker tone background always stoops better on porn sites, gives in the naughty look, like it's something confidential which you laid your dirty gloves on!

The girls also seem amazing, that I'd wish I meet them in person, so I perfected my resolute resolutions for 2018, and if I don't fulfill my dreams at least once in a year before when vouching for the upcoming one, I don't know when I will.


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Full Review of Lust HD Review

Such a casual name for an uncasual site that it's quite pleasing for the sense of vision aka eyes!

Since the holiday spirit is among us, I'll just sit back and bask in the beautiful view of this world in my perspective, thank the Heavens that we're all alive and sip my tea from this washbowl I'm holding next to my legs. Just kidding, I don't drink tea. It's the blood of my enemies what's the main ingredient there, and I use 5 straws that lead to my mouth!

I'm swollen of constantly thumping on my keyboard, so I'll make this brief since there's not a single fact we should rely on and feel comfortable with by staying. Lust doesn't even have a hunid of videos, not even as many picture sets, but at least it's approaching a hundred, and I hope one day it'll reach its goal!

Half of that number and slightly greater than that and you'll get the strict number of models consisted here, which is also devastating. I say once more, everything about this site looks awesome, beautiful as it can be, however, the same old serial murderer comes to strike at the weakest spots each time, that MOFO!

I'm calling in the porn POPO to take jurisdiction over this case, I wish you all a great time in 2018, and remember, if you ever desire for me, crave to see me once again in this quiet periods, get up at 3 AM to your nearest mirror and say the worst pun joke you heard that day and don't wonder if you hear some distinct laughs. That's all for me, folks!

Pros and Cons of Lust HD


  • Girls are fantastic
  • The resolution is fantastic, the plots also
  • Web design at its peak, I have nothing to say wrong about this segment


  • From the perspective of content quantity, it's the biggest surprise but in a downside, a tough break really


Lust HD is one fantastic site all-in-all, just like I praised it in the Pros section, but below a 100 milestone is one milestone which isn't to brag about if you're a youthful porn site that's full of potential. One day, this will be among my all-time greats! Fingers crossed that that day will come!

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