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Wow, are these dicks huge, or what?!... Oh, hello guys, didn't see you there! What brings you to my humble a note? Hot Bush?! Heck, I was just watching a video of theirs, what mighty chicks they've got, it's incredible! haha... Shall I preface with a casual criticism, which really isn't as harsh as I stylize it to be like that, but okay? The header picture (the biggest picture on the homepage) shows a mowed girl getting fucked by a ravishing stud who can't take his eyes of the target he's aiming so that he doesn't miss and embarrass himself. Got you right there.

You don't have a clue what's the key word here, representing the flaw which got my attention. MOWED, the attribute for the girl. Is it a site about HOT BUSHES, or we're just playing ring-around-the-rousie until someone finally bangs his hand on the table and says 'Enough is enough!' I mean, it's like the Reality Kings assembled some kind of a team made out of dozens of monkeys to design, create, montage and develop hot bush, then I remember, monkeys are smart creatures.

Don't take me wrongfully like I'm blurting, I love the guys from RK, but sometimes they surprise me so wonderfully, that I question myself are they blind or what. Nevertheless, I'll blind the upper part of my eye so that I'm visually unable to see what's going beyond since those videos below are what we came here for anyway!

NOW WE'RE TALKING! It all backfired on me because the featured images of each scene have a large picture of a girl that's got a forest down there! Attempt to stick your dick in it, and don't scratch your head later if it fell between some leaves, getting lost!


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Full Review of Hot Bush Review

Hot Bush is a really unnatural sounding name if you ask me

Of all the beautiful adjectives of the broad and beautiful English language, Reality Kings chose the single most wrong one. I mean, it's not bad, but why is it called Hot? I'm speaking on the behalf of the people who like things silky smooth, instead of rugged rugs which wriggles through time, creating hurtful knots. The girls, however, are those credibly for that epithet, don't know if it's a coincidence, but I managed to stumble upon girls with gorgeous eyes in a row.

They must be special, since the eyes are windows of the soul. Then the following question like: How could a kind soul like that suck on a dick that's a size of a cactus in the Nevada deserts?! Well, every human life form has options and choices exposed to them, so don't judge, it's too troublesome to do that. Except if your name is God. Nevertheless, this is yet another porn site with a low-to-mild number of videos in the archive, currently standing around 90, maybe a bit lower.

There are as much image sets with perfect sharpness regarding the resolution, but not even 256K definition will compensate for the loss of hundreds of potential movies Hot Bush could've filmed, but didn't.

I really did enjoy watching a couple of these and I would like to see someday a bundle of new updates soon, it will surely make my frown upside down in terms of content quantity. This is extremely imbalanced, by the way. It has fewer models than it has videos in real life, even though it says it has almost the same number of models as movies. A shocker.

Pros and Cons of Hot Bush


  • Ancestry originated porn concept which is older than dirt, but still even in 2017 and beyond, it's the most pleasing thing to watch a beautiful bushy girl getting nailed on 80 different occasions!


  • The 80 is a subliminal message of the video number, and that's the bad particular area of the wholesome virtue this site possess
  • Translation: lacks updates and videos


Hot Bushes are still in fashion, so girls, make your men happy to be men and make them feel like men as well. So, settle down to an unshaved mohawk down there so that he has to deal with extreme diving even though he hadn't even learned how to swim yet!

Porn Stars

A: Annika

B: Bailey Bae, Billie Star

C: Cadence Lux, Caroline Ray, Cosima Knight

D: Danira Love, Darling Deicide

E: Emma Ohara

H: Hazel Rose,

J: Jaye Summers

K: Kaylee Jewel, Kelly Kitty

L: Layna Landry, Lola Taylor

M: Mandy Sky, Mea Melone

R: Riley Reynolds

S: Sadie Blair, Samantha Bentley, Selena Kyle

T: Tali Dova

V: Vienna Reed