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You know something, other than my gullible jokes I crack and the way I attack sites that are past due, your rent is also. Well, it depends on the day you're reading this, but, you're always in debt from the greater past, so feel free to choose any day you like for the debt collectors before you get into trouble.

Wow, I took it a bit far for my exquisite taste. What was the point of all of this? Oh yeah, these were the premises so that I come to an inducted conclusion that Happy Tugs is also past due.

I remember those days when tugging was a hit back then... oh yeah, it never was. I actually do not know the true intention of this kind, however, countless times have I stumbled to a certain version of a tug site. Too bad it's not a thug site because we'd be living a thug life then, idolizing them gangsters.

I'm not evading trouble, I just want to explain my brief accusations in the full review of undisputed arguments. By overlooking this site, I wouldn't even know that it's a Tug theme in general if I were an illiterate fuck who can't read the big ass title that's LITERALLY poking my eyes out with its flashiness.

A giant dick with a smiley face that's being handled correctly. Oddly satisfying. Nevertheless, speaking about themes, like the wallpaper in the background that really does look like a wallpaper.

However, it's a bit too quirky to place it in your real house, so I'd rather play The Sims and try out this to see what complementary tone does it match. A darker tone is the proprietary one, so Reality Kings missed it by *that* much since they're middle screen hanging is completely white, albeit a complete miss.


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Full Review of Happy Tugs Review

Do the title authors intentionally make this sound like hood thugs who are just that happy?

Thinking about it immersively, what hood am I implying to primarily, hehe?! Okay, first of all, I didn't jump to conclusions so promptly without a reason, that tugging is a negligent category of all other lucrative things you find in porn. Generally, I got the idea from what else, then the numbers displayed on our almighty fatherly site Porncodex, immaculate at its analysis.

The digits I've seen are so poor, that I remember those old days when I got hooked to this, for like a 24h period, not longer, and as soon as it became dull, I never ever opened this kind of stuff until today. I have no clue why is it as it is, but I reckon it's DUE to the tedious screenplays and the same locations action takes place.

A comfy bed with lengthy bedsheets and a guy crumpling the smoothness while he waits for his dick massage from an Asian, typically, and don't comprehend me as a racist, but it truly is the same girl re-appearing on scenes. The resilience is awful, so that means the model number isn't up for a brag (69 in total, it's a coincidence I swear).

Memory of mine, why do you bother me so much? Now I'm unable to write an unbiased review about this, without mentioning how dulling it is to watch tug videos, even when you already saw all of it probably. One is reminiscent to the other, making 75+ videos which are of solid quality, since some time has passed when the last update occurred. Let's just move on.

Pros and Cons of Happy Tugs


  • For the newcomers, this will be an interesting topic
  • For now, there are plenty of videos to fold your tugging appetites
  • So don't worry, rookies will find Happy Tugs as their own happy place


  • After a couple of days, you'll regret the amount of time you wasted on this site
  • However, time consumption is totally an un-refundable phenomenon


What's more to say to this, except for it's a one-hit-wonder. The models aren't outstanding, the video quality is stable and that's what's crucially critical, or critically crucial, whichever way you put it, all-in-all, a site under your subscription values.

Porn Stars

A: Amber Q, Asia Zo

D: Drea Diamond

G: Gigi Skye

H: Hazel Rose

L: Laci Hurst, Layla Mynxx, Lea Hart, London Keys

M: Marica Hase, Mia Li, Mila Jade, Miyuki Son, Morgan Lee

N: Natia, Nyomi Star

P: Pussykat

S: Saya Song

V: Vicki Chase