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Is it normie of me to say that this site is borderline crazy?! It's like those site/archives that have perfidiously hidden links that take you to sexy pictures or some gifs where a butt is getting spanked, wriggling from the epicenter to the perimeter. Just go visit the site this instance and continue reading, you'll immediately recall the memory of those long-lost sites similar to forums and blogs where people discussed a serious matter until someone jokingly posts an NFSW picture, which we all enjoyed secretly.

So, one thing is for sure, GF Revenge has its own domain which is not sticking to the Reality Kings principles of porn sites. This is a bit edgy for me to say since it still belongs author-wise to them. However, some other staff worked on this one and I love the outcome! A mixture of GIFS, pictures, drawback promotions which expired weeks ago that still interfere with your mouse pointer, and of course, porn aspects are checked twice! GF Revenge has 4 aisles divided by buttons 'Home', 'Videos', 'Girls' and 'Sites'.

The homepage displays the latest news of what happened on the site, the videos segment is just an archive where you dig out these sitting diamonds, the girls section is the interesting one, you've got data on all the girls featured on this site, and sites, well, is just for redirecting on other Reality Kings minions.

But why to go so promptly, you just got here! I think you're going to spend your time efficiently if you try to see what's up in here. GF's look mischevious, are loaded with infidelity, totally disloyal and vengeful spirits cram their insides until they get back at you for all the evil you caused! Fight fire with fire, but remember not to burn yourself to ashes!


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Full Review of GF Revenge Review

The acronyms are getting annoying, what if 'GF' stands for guy friend or worse, gay friend?!

Today's is almost complete, talking about my obligations and chores. This one is the final of the previous two, and I come to a conclusion that the video number is slowly dropping. One day, when I resume my expeditions on the Reality Kings land, I expect that things graphically improve and that the incline experiences a huge accretion compared to this.

450+ HD videos and we started the day with 680+, and you bet that you're the one who is going to find that very video with the pronounced number, and when you did, get back to me to receive your prize! No false advertisement here, you won't get s*it. Sorry for my language packed with profanity on this holy server, I won't do it again, but I had to in order to put an accent to key elements.

Nonetheless, it's a reasonable number, however, when talking about a giant like RK is, this isn't impressive. They surely could've done better, especially when the idea is based on vengeance and unsatisfied girlfriends that want to choke on a cock just to get back at the perpetrators that double-crossed them. Traitors will become haters after they get pounded like animals! But, that's what the girl wanted, and what kind of a gentleman are you if you don't fulfill a girl's desire?

I always knew that RK produces cavaliers in terms of male actors. You gotta see them do their best dark magic with those sticks attached to their lower body, the girls seem awed and amazed at the same time! Ah, if only we could've been like that for once, that much joyful if only we saw a porn site with a larger number of videos and on top of that a centerpiece plot which causes nasty arousals in the groin erogenous area!

Pros and Cons of GF Revenge


  • High-quality filming
  • Greatly improved screenplay and plots with a bit of convincing acting instead of indolent casual conversations that lead to nowhere


  • Could've done better about the material in the inventoire
  • Cameras on some occasions aren't properly fixed in an inappropriate place


About this being the last of the trio fantastico (Euro Sex Parties, First Time Auditions, and ours truly), I think that my pleasure factor decayed gradually as we progressed through the reviews. This one has the fewest of the three, however judging by the concept I think it's a golden middle. Just to make comparisons if you ever to wonder do we even remember what we wrote earlier. Final summation: we do. And remember kids, revenge is best served ice cold.

Porn Stars

A: Adessa Winters, Alex Tanner, Alicia Tease, Amara Romani, Amy Faye, Angel Smalls, Anya Olsen, Aubrey Gold, Avalon Aries, Avinna Easily

B: Bella Skye, Brittany Shae

C: Cali Sparks, Callie Nicole, Cece Capella, Charlotte Oryan, Chloe Addison

D: Dakota Vixin, Dia Del Rose

G: Giani

H: Hannah Reese, Harley Jade

J: Jade Dylan, Janice Griffith

K: Kacey Quinn, Kelly Greene

L: La Noir, Lacey Bae, Layna Landry, Lily Rader, Lolo Punzel, London Lynn

M: Maria Jade, Michelle Taylor, Mila Marx, Mindy Deep, Molly Bliss

N: Naomi Woods, Nicki Ortega, Nicolette Austin

R: Reagan Monroe

S: Sophia Ashton, Sophia Stone, Stephanie Carter

T: Theia Lee, Tiffany Watson, Trisha Parks

V: Veronica Dean, Victoria Rae Black