First Time Auditions Review

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You already know my sturdy stance towards these 'first-time' porn sites. Most likely it's made in me like that because it usually turns out that it's a white lie, a bit of over-the-edge boasting things to look sharper than they really are. I like the colorful tone emitting about the site, the color pink expresses the innocence of the girls, probably because pink symbolizes something immature, still in the process of development, but yet in the beginning of it. Trust me, I'm an artiste, I know the touch, who else will know it if it weren't for me?

Rating all other aspects of the site's design, layout and interface, it's a casual RK platform pattern, with a bunch of extra stuff added, just to make sure it diverges from the monotonous rhythms. The access is quite user-friendly, and why for once have I chosen this day to talk about the technical aspect when I never ever spoke about it? Well, people change I guess, and I sure I'm in debt in terms of clarifying everything about the site, which is vital.

Reality Kings porn sites have loads of things, if not all, in common, hence if you see some novelty about one porn site, most likely it can apply to the other. You learn something every day and with each article! I must be a messiah or someone special.

The girls on First Time Auditions look too much confident in my taste, and I definitely haven't pictured them to look so determined when a camera is aiming directly at her face, waiting for stunts to happen right before the lens, and they're completely ready for only her outburst, since she's the main dish served.

Lots of crazy stuff happens here, quite prolific details added to each scene to make it more entertaining, and that's a great amendment to make if you want to attract precious crowds to look at your porn, RK. Let's get into the site's structure immersively.


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Full Review of First Time Auditions Review

Imagine how excited would you be if your first audition was on Reality Kings!

Wow, just to preface the full version of the review the way it's supposed to be, I got to give credit for the camera quality! I mean, not like I just saw this incredible of a quality only now, but Reality Kings seem like they have a special montage and upload process which makes the image sharper than HD relies on upon!

Literally, I see every dust particle on a girl's foot. What? Just check the featured images out of 480+ sets found here, and you'll probably see a couple of girls with their feet up, the usual downwards side of the feet is facing up, and the footprint is truly visible on the resilience.

More frequent than not, knees are the body parts which are regularly getting dirty, but at Reality Kings, not all is that predictive! Besides 480 sets, there are a bit more of HD videos, around 500 and I think that just while we are talking and pretending to be sitting ducks, although we're sharp as a nail, Reality Kings are working on improving this site at the moment.

My spidey senses are tingling about it, and you do know when they do, there's no mistake to it. Nevertheless, continuing with the models aesthetically. No model I saw so far looks familiar to me, instead, they're probably making their first appearance in the porn industry, which is bad in most cases.

However, when you check the site's name, you'll see that they fully respected and fulfilled their promise about the First Time Audition. They'd be contradictory if we were to see Lisa Ann getting interviewed, expect if it was decades back when she really did preface on extremely hard difficulty, imposed by the huge network like Reality Kings is.

Pros and Cons of First Time Auditions


  • Solid amount of material
  • The concept is generally on point
  • Unlimited downloads


  • Could use more updates
  • The video length is too short for an intriguing title like this is
  • Lacks some more methods of introduction to a new star


What else to say than Reality Kings did their job successfully. They vouched for First Time Auditions, we got them, and we got them with a cherry on top. The girls aren't catastrophic, most of them are pretty darn beautiful,  and I still wonder how I didn't know about some earlier. Then I remember, it's an authentic 'First Time'!

Porn Stars

A: Abby Cross, Alice Green, Ally Tate, Amara Romani, Amber Taylor, Anya Olsen, Avinna Easily, Ayn Marie

B: Brandy Jaymes, Brittany Shae

C: Cassidy Ryan, Charli Ann, Chloe Couture

D: Destiny Love, Dia Del Rose

E: Elsa Taylor, Emma Ryder


G: Ginger Rose

H: Haley Reed, Hannah Reese

J: Jenna

K: Kacey Quinn, Kallie Joe, Kaylee Banks, Kharlie Stone, Kimberly Costa, Kirsten Lee, Kymberlee Anne

L: Lacey Bae, Lilith Shayton, Lilli Dixon, Lilly Sapphire, Liza Rowe, Lizzie Bell

M: Mallory Madison, Marina Angel, Maya Mona, Melissa Moore, Monica Rise, Montana Joleigh

N: Naomi Woods, Nollie Roxx

P: Paris Lincoln

R: Rachel James

S: Shane Blair, Sophia Stone

T: Terra Cox, Tiffany Watson, Trillium

Z: Zaya Cassidy