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Heck yeah! Strike ferociously when my guard is down, you foul people clusters! I'm a first-class laic, I haven't even had a clue that it's THE type of porn site. What a lousy writer and reviewer I am, guys, but please spare me, especially those single males who actually do want to hook up with me because they dig my prolific writing style. You may have guessed it right, but yes, we even reached for a GAY porn site, and no this does not include lesbians, unfortunately.

Really, why don't it? Lesbians technically are gay, so why don't you surprise me with something nice for a change?! It's indeed hard for me to even take a glance at this site! Get it, it's HARD for me! Haha, now is the time for me to crack these gay jokes, however, don't consider my gleeking as an insult. I for all have chosen to review this one, even now, when I'm fully aware where I'm getting into!

Just like these eyes who know where THEY are going into as well. It sure still is heart-warming when I see a fresh site page, which hasn't been copied to the clipboard and placed as a design template! Of course, this is the one which will diverge from the rest, we are talking about kinky stuff around here.

Okay, my counter deployments aren't assuredly at the right place, so I don't who where are my boundaries of me commentating what evil happens here, but I'll try my best to describe it, without questioning my sexual orientation at the end, or even worse, confuse my self by disorientating.

So, I'll keep it smooth and clean - lubricated, just like these fine fellow do with condoms. How thoughtful of them, they don't want any trouble with them ugliness they can transmit, so they don't want to harm themselves either their partners. One big plus from me, for now.


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Full Review of Dick Dorm Review

Ever wondered what happens behind the doors of a guys dorm? Maybe not exactly like this, but gayness does overload sometimes

Just got back as a bearer of stupid news, and that is - nothing is an incentive to Reality Kings, since they don't even want to film movies for gays anymore. They stopped about 60 or 70, and that's it. Well, what I supervised here is that only a bunch of gay guys are re-appearing constantly in the videos, so that means that the guy resource is scarce. Well, of course, it is, since it's a DIRTY job, but someone has to do it.

These studs are heroes of the 2017 generation, a year of gender multiplication, where you're allowed to declare yourself however you think. So, if you feel like the most infamous genders of all: Apache Helicopter, so be it, tell the world that you've got an invisible rotor on your head and that you've got two guns on your lower body, ready to shoot villains when on duty.

Fabricated facts will eventually see the light of truthness, so everyone differing from the number 2 (except for porn sites because 2 is catastrophic) will be put under the edge of a sword! And we are not speaking about metal swords forged by brave smiths, but the smith's natural sword called the dick, and those smiths are located right here!

These guys must be good at plumbing because I haven't seen better cylinder aim for a gap as precise as their is! They buttfuck their homies like it's nothing! These are the masters of homosexuality which know how to derail their lovers by railing them in the ass like Tiger Woods swinging his club back at his prime! The only thing different is that we're talking about two balls here being swung profoundly into a man's personal hairy cavern. Yuck!

Pros and Cons of Dick Dorm


  • Even though I definitely don't like this stuff, it's okay that this also find its way up to a huge network so that the target audience has their kind of stuff available as well!


  • Just when I thought RK will induce more effort since it's their prime time, I got bummed about the lack of content


If you are gay, or at least deny it but still enjoy these videos, be my guest and go to Dick Dorm, this is a perfect place for your twisted homogeneous desires! You'll be welcomed by huge dicks here, and you'll be claimed as the luckiest king of dick there is when you watch all of these videos in no time! P.S. Don't make fun of the site concept rating, it does completely fulfill the position its currently going through.

Porn Stars

A: Andrew Collins, Anthony Price

B: Broc Ross

C: Cody Walker

D: Derek,

J: Jake

S: Shawn Allen, Skyler Daniels

T: Tristan White