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Have we already been here before? College this, College that, it keeps coming back and showing up over and over again after so little time like it's haunting me personally! The truth is I do have a lot of studies left idle and unallocated properly in my real life, so this must be some kind of sign from the Heavens. You'll have a fantastic route if you're able to read those divine miracles, hidden in gaps of your current work responsible for your procrastination of the other things you're obliged to do.

Like, my work here is to write, and I'm now seeing weird entities continuously re-appearing in my articles and stuff I do my research on, pulling me back to college, but the real deal, not some WTF Pass hardcore teenage smashing in the pussy. Well, WTF Pass offers a better tuition within the scholarship, but it's too expensive bro! A 3-month lasting course is $59.95, with some additional gimmicks and accessories aside, I guess, the other bunch of porn sites that come along with the offer.

College is expensive as hell in any form possible, however, this seems to be a bargain price. 43% discount if you're looking for a full-pack that lasts the most, relying on the paid bucks. Now, question is, is it worthy enough to pay a top dollar for porn and education? What kind of a question is that of course, it is!

However, consider not to tell your parents about this purchase because this incitive is a bit tangled up and notorious since older generations have no class and especially no clue how Millennials come around these days. It's much easier to live, and to learn the ways of making something out of yourself and bring your own food to the table!


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Full Review of College Fuck Parties Review

College days to its fullest!

If College were like this, in reality, I'd think twice about going to the lectures of that day, instead of skipping days in a row like they're some kind of a jump rope. Too bad this exists only in the USA, unaccredited Universities like WTF Pass to be specific. Girls from the campus of WTF's fuck like they're no-brainers, and the only source from which they can consume energy from and absorb their own well-being, is the COCK!

So, they're eager to give their maximum leverage to satisfy this strange creature's appetites, using the liquid from their tongues and pussies as lubrication, since the cock squirts white stuff after pressed against something that moves like a pendulum, back and forth.

College Fuck Parties have the retail quantity of 430+ HD videos that were directly broadcasted from inside of these devious dorms, outside group picnics and any other event served as an excuse so that they're allowed to have group orgies with a reasonable justification. As regards to the quality of the performance, imagine a hardcore sex video between a couple. Now multiply the human resource compartment by a respective amount of additional couples of your video used as a parallel.

This is how you properly judge videos on WTF Pass, where 'the more the merrier' applies without exception. No bounded number limit of girls per cock exists, so if a single college guy wants 3 girls to play around his dick like an ancient African tribes did and still do around a totem, he'll get that executed of his command. If you're working on a computer that you got by trading 3 cows for the same tribe, you're always able to do load some of 430+ picture galleries found here. Over 300 models are featured here. The enclosure of full review.

Pros and Cons of College Fuck Parties


  • No download limit
  • Exclusive models
  • Good quality videos


  • Good, but not that good of quality
  • Site lacks the ability to film in ultra high quality, which would be much more appreciated


First, of many WTF Pass bonus porn sites review has finished. Since it's a trial of what gadgets and quirks WTF Pass has to offer that we do not know, we'll rate this based on things we do know, with a lighter embracement of criticism because it's a debut. For what we've seen so far, quite a solid porn site without any bigger shortcomings. I'm pleased and content.

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