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Probably the most anticipated site of all, regarding the Reality Kings network! Captain Stabbin remains vague to some people who don't use the internet, however, those who do, at least on some level, have even heard of this on the mainstream media containing in a sex joke or a meme or something. So, one thing is for sure, Captain Stabbin is a mainstream porn site, and all the hippies will be like, 'change the topic or I am definitely out', but I won't, do it yourselves.

Anyway, where ever the fire bursts out, of course, there is a spontaneous smoke following up the combustion. Comprehend the metaphor - Fire equals to Captain Stabbin in this case (main event) while the smoke is - people, followers (a consequence of the crucial event). How did this happen, I'm not really conversant with it, but all I know that people majorly enjoy this site.

Frankly, it is fun to watch Jmac's brightly shining bald head move up and down, back and forth, while he's fucking a girl at open sea, exposed to sun rays which are deadly for his rugged skin on that skull of his!

However, he's no scared of no UV lights, just apply lotion to the head, and yes I mean it equivocally, so that the girl also enjoys his other bald head enter her hidden chambers, that aren't really hidden anymore, but who will know that they're having sex on his super fancy yacht boat?!

As I'm slowly being informed why people actually love this, it must be the encircling topic of Captain Stabbin, which only features hardcore sex happening on boats while cruising down a river, lake or even the ocean.

I typically recognized a couple of different male actors, and a whole bunch of other girls being fucked, so I'm rejoiced and smiling despite the fact that the number is unequal referring to sexes. It's always better to have 10 guys per 200 girls than any larger amount of guys per 200 babes. Believe me, I'm not making these numbers up, it's just science in porn.


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Full Review of Captain Stabbin Review

Captain Stabbin the dick down a girl's throat all the way to her kidneys, breaking stones!

Now, this is a proper title for a humongous name the site essentially gives out. Not sure what's beaming more brilliantly, the girl, the yacht, or Jmac's head here. Everything seems top notch in here and let's spot the digits covering this awesome originated concept. Hm, about 280 videos by my arbitrary approximation, and by checking my privileges of judging, at PornCodex, they confirmed my estimate and now I finally feel fulfilled.

You probably wonder how I don't already know these numbers at PornCodex, since, I AM THE REVIEWER, right, but to tell you the truth I don't feel like scrolling up and switch tabs, it's easier for me to get a measure of each video thumbnail, add the number of videos per row and column, multiplied by the page numbers.

See, what did I tell you, porn is quick maths. Anyway, let's not forget the fact that there is a solid, watch-worthy material here, however, if you're a fanatic like I am, you'll pour out all of those barely 300 videos in no time!

Besides that negativity, it's safe to say that the number of models is way more superior, and when I say way more, I imply that the number is simply greater (even by a single extra model correlated to the movie amount).

300 plus or minus models, which means that every video had introduced diverse babes, and sometimes even two per piece! Note, if only they didn't apprehend one personality as a half or something. But Reality Kings aren't that deep into perpetratin'.

Pros and Cons of Captain Stabbin


  • An absolutely one-of-a-kind porn site which caught the whole world's eyes
  • Mainstream porn at its finest, so expect to be positively surprised more than you actually think you'll be


  • It's a bit ungrateful to appeal Reality Kings to film more of these since boat fuel and sun days are scarce as fuck!


I'm no bullshit talker, neither a dramatist making things up and relaying them exaggeratedly, but Captain Stabbin definitely holds 30% of the burden of the whole network, since it's their trademark site and subscription relies mostly on them. Other 70% are split amid other sites, each probably weighing 10% or less. Captain Stabbin is the best!

Porn Stars

A: Alice Lighthouse

B: Brittany Shae


J: Jade Jantzen

M: Mandy Muse, Mikayla Mico

P: Penny Nichols

R: Renee Roulette