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Finally some amendments in my life. We're finished with our previous reviews regarding the Reality Kings property, and now is time for Team Skeet to shine and prove it's worth of becoming a respected member of the Porn Codex society and social construct, which functions on the system of its own making.

Anyone hoping to join our liberated movement is welcome immediately, we're not hesitating whether to or not let someone in, it's a free-for-all! Today I'm feeling generous and I anticipate that this is going to be worth my words and time! Okay, lemme first get used to new layouts, site designs, and intents.

This one reminds me of one of platform site's a network earlier than this, can't remember which, and I'm not even trying to do so. I'll label this as original like I'm seeing it the first time. So, there are small brackets to click: 'Home', 'Videos', 'Girls', 'Sites'. I'm currently at home, where it directs you when you first access the page, and I reckon that I'm seeing pictures and GIFs of the most recent updates on the site.

Since black Friday was a month ago, I come to a conclusion that this hasn't been updated so far by much. Black Friday offers are 5 or 6 pictures after the latest, and I think that it's a span of a week or so, at the top. Anyway, I'm transferring myself to the 'Video' segment, which is actually the main reason I came here.

I'll send you to report via fax what I'm seeing, but it's a lot easier if I just spray it. The thumbnails are reasonable in size, and I know is it because of my limited computer utility, or did HD videos drop in quality. Seems like it's just slightest depixelated, almost insignificantly, but yeah, almost.


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Full Review of BFFS Review

I had to end it there because we lost track and discourse from the main objective

Anyway, I'm not going to the comment on the video thumbnails, let's see the actual videos. Count to 3 and wait for my announcement...1...2...3...4 who is that behind my door? The quality is a lot better than it was shown, and you may not notice through letters, but I've been expressly relieved. I don't have to lose my temper over quality, however, the referee hasn't yet blown his whistle.

The match is still flowing, until the final buzz sound. Quantity... we meet again, you foul model, the porn site eater! I've been galled after these next messages, those of you with troublesome stomachs, look away quickly! I hope it isn't a trend involving the whole Team Skeet network, but BFFS surprisingly have only around 90 videos, with 90 follow-up video sets, each respectively belonging to its rightful movie.

Not only that, only about 35 models are in total, but at least the girls are fancy. They're the ones pulling the average to the bigger grade, however, the quantity is still compelling otherwise.

The download limit doesn't exist, and you know how I don't even talk about this anymore, however, when you're hungry and in pain, even the smallest of breadcrumbs and a pinch of care means the world to you!

Okay, it isn' this extremely disastrous, the fundamental happenings about this porn site is quite interesting, and I label this site as the one which is worth for you to check out somewhat.

Pros and Cons of BFFS


  • Interesting screenplay, plots, dialogues
  • Kinda funny and humorous
  • With loads of hardcore porn added as another cake on top of the cake where you're supposed to put a cherry on top!


  • I don't know where to preface, but let's just say that updates would've to cure this vile disease spreading across porn sites


Well, if you consider the price, it really isn't much of an asking tag, so if you keep that in mind against the fact that this site isn't even worth enough to be a video archive site, then you'll get a cushion without getting distressed. BFFs, like I said, is perfect for you to experiment indy sites, hehe!

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